I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science & International Affairs at University of North Georgia. I received my PhD in International Relations from FIU in Summer 2018.

My broad research interest areas include foreign policy, security studies, and geopolitics. Specifically, I am interested in the dynamics of security in South Asia, Sino-Indian interactions in the Asia-Pacific, small states in international politics, and the emerging notion of the Indo-Pacific in strategic studies.

My book titled Reframing the Buffer State in International Relations: Nepal’s Relations with India and China is forthcoming in May 2023. To be published by Routledge, the book re-conceptualizes the buffer states as a highly dynamic interactive space for competing strategic and security interests of larger powers. However, I also argue that the buffer state’s agency cannot be discounted in such interactions and as such, buffer states play important roles in competing interests of larger powers.

I have taught a wide range of undergraduate courses such as the beginner level Introduction to International Relations, region specific International Relations of South Asia and higher level exit courses such as Theories of International Relations, International Organizations, Asian Security, and Development of International Relations Thought.

Originally from Kathmandu, Nepal, I received my BA in International Relations & Political Science from Wartburg College. I also have an MA in International Studies from FIU.

I can be reached at: bibek.chand@ung.edu

I am also available on:

Google Scholar, Researchgate, ORCID