I. Book

Reframing the Buffer State in Contemporary International Relations: Nepal’s Relations with India and China. Routledge. Forthcoming in May 2023.

II. Edited book

New Challenges and Opportunities in European-Asian Relations: Navigating an Assertive China and a Retrenching U.S., Palgrave MacMillan. Co-edited with Lukas K. Danner. 2021.

III. Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

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IV. Book Chapters

Sino-Indian Relations and EU Development Policies in Nepal” in EU Development Policies: Between Norms and Geopolitics? Edited by: Sarah L. Beringer, Sylvia Maier, and Markus Thiel. Palgrave Macmillan, 2019.

V. Discussion Papers

Nepal and Regionalism: Convergence of Geo-economic and Normative Interests,” in Nepal’s Foreign Policy in a Changing World (eds. Pramod Jaiswal and Amit Ranjan), Institute of South Asia Studies (National University of Singapore) and Nepal Institute for International Cooperation and Engagement – South Asia Discussion Papers. 

VI. Review Essays

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VII. Book Reviews

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VIII. Other Publications

Himalayan Geopolitics: Contemporary Analysis of Sino-Nepali Relations. E-International Relations, 2021.

With Yang Gyu Kim, Adam Ratzlaff, and Lana Shehadeh. Series: When Pawns Become Queens, Charged Affairs, 2019.